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Business disputes can substantially impact a company’s operations and profitability. Unresolved disagreements can disrupt business operations, erode the confidence of stakeholders, and cause irreparable damage to the business’s reputation.

Since 1988, Meridian Law Group’s commercial litigators have represented clients in various business disputes and provided effective dispute resolution strategies in any legal forum, including litigation, mediation, or arbitration. The firm assertively protects clients’ legal and financial interests, preserves their hard-earned business goodwill, and helps maintain existing relationships whenever possible.

Collection Actions

Meridian Law Group advises parties on either side of collection actions regarding unpaid services or products, including business owners, vendors, suppliers, and customers. The firm ensures clients’ rights are preserved through strict compliance with all legislated timelines and procedural requirements, including those set out in British Columbia’s Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

Once granted, judgments are valid for 10 years. Meridian Law Group represents clients in post-judgment execution proceedings, including:

  • Examinations in aid of execution, where a debtor is required to produce documents and answer questions under oath about their assets, income, and plans for paying the judgment. The parties’ lawyers conduct this process before a court reporter.
  • Subpoena to debtor, which is a similar process to an examination in aid of execution and is used to ascertain a debtor’s financial situation and ability to pay a judgment. However, this process takes place before a registrar or master of the court.
  • Garnishment of wages, which requires the debtor’s employer to withhold a portion of the debtor’s salary and pay it into court, after which it is provided to the party who obtained the judgment.
  • Garnishment of bank account, where the debtor’s bank may be required to provide the judgment creditor with a portion of the debtor’s account funds. This does not apply to jointly-held funds or an RRSP account.
  • Seizure and sale of the debtor’s assets by the court bailiff. The debtor is allowed to keep a portion of the money from the sale of certain assets, including their car or the equity in their principal residence. Other assets, such as personal medical devices or jointly-owned property, are exempt from seizure entirely.
  • Registration of judgment against title to land or real estate owned by the debtor. This prevents the debtor from selling or mortgaging the property without first paying the judgment.

The business litigators at Meridian Law Group assertively enforce a client’s right to payment under a judgment. The firm also defends judgment debtors against post-judgment execution and can help clients negotiate a settlement or payment plan tailored to their financial means.

Breach of Contract Claims

When a party to an agreement fails to meet their contractual obligations, they are liable for breach of contract. Violating the terms of a contract can create substantial financial loss or business interruptions for the innocent party.

Various legal actions are available to remedy a breach and enforce a party’s contractual rights, including:

  • Claims for damages to compensate the innocent party for the financial losses caused by the breach. A judgment for damages can be enforced using a variety of post-judgment execution processes (see “Collection Actions” above).
  • Specific performance actions, in which the court can order a party to fulfill its contractual obligations.
  • Injunctions, which are court orders that restrain a party from continuing to breach the terms of the contract. Injunctions are often used as an interim remedy to prevent further financial loss pending the final determination of another process, like a lawsuit.

Meridian Law Group represents clients who have suffered a loss due to another party’s breach of contract. The firm also defends those accused of failing to uphold their end of an agreement.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Shareholders or partners may find themselves in disagreement over the terms of shareholder agreements or operational issues. Some examples of issues involved in shareholder and partnership disputes include:

  • Valuation of shares and share classes;
  • Share purchase agreements and buyouts;
  • Corporate leadership and structure;
  • Business opportunities;
  • Dissolution of a corporation, business, or partnership;
  • Oppression of minority shareholders;
  • Breach of financial duty of a corporate director or officer;
  • Disputes about ownership or leadership roles and responsibilities;
  • Conflict of interest between a partner’s business duties and personal interests;
  • Misappropriation, fraud, or theft of partnership assets; and
  • Staffing.

Meridian Law Group represents parties involved in shareholder or partnership disputes and provides practical legal strategies to resolve conflict as swiftly as possible. The firm also aggressively pursues clients’ rights in court using the remedies provided under British Columbia’s corporate laws, including the Business Corporations Act and Partnership Act. These include:

  • Claims for damages;
  • Oppression remedies to protect the rights of shareholders;
  • Dissolution of the corporation or partnership;
  • Sale of shares and assets;
  • Buyout of partner or group of partners;
  • Transfer of ownership;
  • Appointment of a receiver to take control of operations or sell assets; and
  • Audits and tracing partnership funds.

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Meridian Law Group understands the financial and reputational damage faced by parties on either side of a business dispute. The firm’s dynamic team delivers results for clients at any stage of a conflict, whether negotiating or mediating an early settlement or forcefully advocating for their rights or interests at trial. Clients trust Meridian Law Group to protect their financial and legal interests through creative legal solutions that minimize operational interruptions and maintain existing business relationships.

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