Vancouver Commercial Litigation Lawyers

The competitive and complex nature of commercial disputes calls for experienced legal representation. A capable commercial litigation lawyer can help parties avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary steps in the court process.

Meridian Law Group provides innovative solutions and compelling advocacy for a wide range of commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract, shareholder’s disputes, construction delay claims, builder’s liens, director’s liability, property disputes, and more.

The commercial litigators at Meridian Law Group in Vancouver are persuasive advocates, known for their extensive trial experience and commanding courtroom presence. They are a talented team of professionals, highly attentive to client concerns, and easily accessible at every stage of the litigation process. The commercial lawyers at Meridian Law Group are all skilled litigators dedicated to achieving exceptional results for clients.

Business Disputes

Business disputes can erode the confidence of stakeholders, impact profitability, and cause irreparable harm to a company’s reputation.

For over 30 years, clients involved in business disputes have entrusted Meridian Law Group and its predecessors to protect their businesses’ legal and financial interests and preserve goodwill. The firm provides effective and strategic dispute resolution solutions that exceed expectations and deliver successful results in any legal forum, be it litigation, mediation, or arbitration. Meridian Law Group helps clients maintain existing relationships and avoid business interruptions whenever possible.

Collection Actions

The commercial litigators at Meridian Law Group represent clients on either side of collection actions for unpaid services or products. The firm forcefully advocates for client interests from beginning to end, both during the court process and post-judgment. Meridian Law Group takes swift and decisive action to execute judgments on behalf of clients, including garnishment of wages, asset seizures, and liens against property titles.

Breach of Contract

When a party fails to meet its obligations or violates a fundamental term of an agreement, they are liable for breach of contract. The business lawyers at Meridian Law Group represent clients on either side of a breach of contract claim and arduously pursue any legal remedy available, including:

  • Damages to compensate a party for financial losses caused by the breach;
  • Claims for specific performance to force a party to fulfill its obligations under the contract; or
  • Injunctions to restrain a party from continuing to breach the terms of the contract.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Corporate shareholders or partners may find themselves in disagreement on several issues relating to a business’s operations or shareholder agreements. These disputes can create conflict amongst a company’s board of directors, cause business interruptions, and even disrupt industries.

Meridian Law Group can bring swift, decisive action in court to address shareholder and partnership disputes and minimize potential fallout. The firm provides strategic legal solutions and straightforward advice for clients dealing with internal conflict and discord.

Insurance Litigation

Meridian Law Group has a reputation for its well-established insurance litigation practice. Since 1988, the firm has represented some of the largest insurance companies in Canada. Meridian Law Group‘s insurance litigators represent the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and its insureds against serious personal injury claims and assist injured workers insured through WorkSafeBC.

In addition to its insurance defence work, Meridian Law Group represents insurers and policyholders in other types of claim disputes. Where possible, the firm explores collaborative dispute resolution, such as arbitration, mediation, or negotiating an early settlement. Meridian Law Group provides forceful and effective advocacy in court when litigation is the most appropriate method for advancing a client’s legal position.

Fire Damage & Property Loss

The skilled litigators at Meridian Law Group represent insureds and insurers in disputes over claims of fire damage and property loss. These claims can involve various issues, including denial of claims, disputed compensation amounts, and competing expert evidence.

Long-Term Disability Claims

Long-term disability claims can involve many complicated legal and evidentiary issues, including questions of policy interpretation, expert medical evidence, and strict legislated and contractual timelines. Meridian Law Group navigates clients through the myriad considerations facing parties on both sides of a long-term disability dispute to position them for success.

Director’s Liability

A corporate entity’s legal status provides many protections to those in charge of its operations. However, directors can be held personally liable for their actions and conduct in some circumstances. For example, a director may lose the benefit of corporate protection in cases involving fraud or where a director acted negligently in a supervisory capacity.

Director’s liability cases are highly dependent on their unique facts and require knowledgeable legal guidance. Meridian Law Group provides forthright advice and effective legal solutions to insurers and insured directors to keep them fully informed and ease their concerns.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes can derail business operations and cause substantial financial loss to all parties involved. The knowledgeable real estate lawyers at Meridian Law Group represent clients in real estate and commercial lease disputes and, where appropriate, pursue orders for specific performance.

Construction Disputes

Construction litigation is technically complex and requires a thorough understanding of this niche area of law. Disagreements between parties involved in construction disputes can result in significant delays and financial loss.

Meridian Law Group represents parties at all stages of the construction pyramid and in all types of disputes, including construction lien actions, surety bond claims, and deficiency litigation.


Construction projects can involve several tendering stages to secure the required designs, supplies, and labour. Meridian Law Group advises parties in procurement-related disputes, such as enforcing fair tendering processes and owners’ legal duties to bidders.

Builder’s Liens

Builder’s liens are used to secure a party’s entitlement to unpaid labour or material costs on a construction project. These liens may be filed against the subject property’s title by various parties who performed work on the project, including contractors, subcontractors, labourers, suppliers, architects, and engineers.

British Columbia’s Builders Lien Act sets out strict requirements for filing, enforcing, and removing builder’s liens. The construction litigators at Meridian Law Group preserve clients’ legal rights by ensuring legislated timelines and regulations are efficiently and effectively fulfilled.

Delay Claims

Construction delays threaten the success of a project and can have severe financial consequences for multiple stakeholders. Projects plagued with delay issues also damage the reputation of the businesses involved.

Meridian Law Group represents parties on all sides of construction-related delay claims. The firm determines the best strategy available under the particular contract to cure the delay. This may include damages for lost revenue and, if necessary, termination of the project.

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