Facing negligence in receiving immigration advice in British Columbia can have serious consequences for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada. You must receive proper advice and guidance from a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure your immigration process goes smoothly.

Negligence can take many forms. One form of negligence in immigration advice is providing incorrect or incomplete information. This can lead to incorrect or incomplete immigration applications, which may result in delays, denials, losing your status and legal right to work, and even deportation in some circumstances. It is important to consider the accuracy of any information provided by an immigration lawyer or consultant in your immigration process.

Another form of negligence is providing advice not tailored to the individual’s circumstances. Every immigration case is unique, and it is important that you are given advice that is tailored to your specific situation. If an immigration lawyer or consultant provides generic advice, it may result in incorrect or incomplete immigration applications or a lack of understanding of the immigration process. It is important to ask questions and clarify any information provided to ensure that it is accurate and tailored to your circumstances.

It is also important to ensure that the immigration lawyer or consultant you work with is qualified and licensed to practice in BC. It is common to receive immigration advice from unqualified individuals who may not have the necessary knowledge or expertise to guide you through the immigration process properly. This can result in incorrect or incomplete immigration applications and costly mistakes that can delay or even derail your immigration process.

Tips to avoid immigration consultants and lawyers scams

To avoid negligence or scams in relation to receiving immigration advice in BC, it is important to research and verify the qualifications and licensing of any immigration lawyer or consultant you are considering working with. You can check this information on the regulator’s websites. For lawyers, you can check the Law Society of BC’s website; for immigration consultants, you can check the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. If you do not hire a registered lawyer or consultant, they will not have any insurance coverage to compensate you for your loss.

Immigration is a complex process, and it is important to ensure that you receive proper advice and guidance from a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that your immigration process goes smoothly. So, be careful while receiving immigration advice in BC.

What you should do if you receive incorrect immigration advice 

If you have received incorrect immigration advice and wish to take a court case for compensation. The courts in BC can award monetary awards as remedies, including:

1. Damages: This is a monetary award meant to compensate a person for any losses or harm they have suffered due to the defendant’s actions. This includes medical expenses, lost income, and other out-of-pocket costs.

2. Special damages: This type of damage is meant to cover specific costs that are not normally incurred, such as repairing or replacing damaged property.

3. Punitive damages: This type of damages punishes the defendant for egregious or malicious behaviour.

4. Aggravated Damages: This is an award for cases where the defendant’s actions were particularly harmful or outrageous. This can include cases of intentional or reckless conduct, gross negligence, or instances of physical or emotional abuse.

5. Costs: The court may award costs to the winning party to cover the expenses of bringing the case to court, such as legal fees and court costs.

6. Interest: The court may award interest on damages or costs, which is meant to compensate the winning party for waiting to receive their award.

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