When I travel alone with my kids, what documentation do I need to bring?

When you are travelling this holiday season, do yourself and your kids a favour – get a Consent to Travel form signed by the non-travelling parent in front of a Notary Public or a Commissioner for Oaths.  This is not only required for divorced/divorcing parents – it’s anytime you are travelling without the other parent (I’m married, and I’ve been asked for it every time I travel alone).

Technically, you only need this form for travel outside ofCanada.  If you want to do it yourself, you can go on the Transport Canada website and they have a form for you to complete – or simply type into Google (or any search engine) the phrase “Consent to TravelCanada” and a form will come up in the search.  You can fill it out yourself with all the relevant details, but you need it to be notarized or commissioned to make it valid.

What details should you have? Such things as: your name, the non-travelling parent’s name, the full name / birthdate of all kids who will be travelling, your itinerary (date of departure / return, location of departure / return / any stops along the way), and extend the consent to providing of medical treatment if necessary.

If you want to have it done for you (it’s relatively inexpensive and quick), you can contact most any law office and ask for them to get a Consent to Travel ready for you, and the non-travelling parent can just go in to sign.

The ultimate question always becomes – what if I don’t take this form along with me? Well… do you want to be the one to tell your kids that they’re not going to Disney World when they’re standing at the airport?

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