Client Testimonials

Client Who Used The Collaborative Law Process in their Divorce with Stephanie L. Dobson:

“When life demands change, such as in the instance of divorce, would it not be best to manage the affairs with the least amount of conflict possible?  In an already frightening stage of my life, the idea of court proceedings, and presenting our lives on a palette to a judge seemed to be pegging us against each other rather than working together toward a common goal.  The Collaborative Process, however, provided an excellent opportunity to discuss the affairs surrounding our divorce and financial settlements in an environment that felt safe and open.  Issues were brought forth in an organized manner and both parties were very involved in coming up with an effective solution, allowing everyone to come out of the meetings feeling in control and well represented.

The lawyers were effectively able to keep the forward momentum, and prevent emotionally sourced arguments from getting out of hand.  As well, and perhaps most importantly, the well-being of our children was paramount to everyone during the Collaborative Process.

And now, as new and different situations arise with our growing children, such as post secondary education, we know that we are able to revisit the process, and effectively divert conflict as quickly as it arises.”

Client Who Used The Collaborative Law Process in their Divorce with Stephanie L. Dobson:

Having someone with you to back you up, and to help explain things, really made a big difference for me personally.  I’m the type of person to give in, or give up things, very easily to keep the peace, so having that support during the Collaborative Process was great.  The four of you sit down and hash things out together making the process easier, fair, and, I believe, much quicker.  We were able to bring things up that weren’t only practical to the separation/divorce, but also more personal issues that would have been much more difficult to deal with without that support there.  It’s definitely not always easy, but considering the options, I’m very happy I chose to go with the Collaborative Process.

Client Who Used The Collaborative Law Process in their Divorce with Stephanie L. Dobson:

My situation wasn’t a normal one.  There wasn’t a divorce, nor was there even a relationship, yet in the middle of the two of us was the Son we had together.  I wanted to make sure that I could secure my rights, not just for myself, but so that my son had a healthy and active relationship with his father.  We had many issues communicating in the past and without the proper steps, we probably would never be able to communicate in the future.

Collaborative law was suggested to me by a family member who had gone through the courts.  I wanted a way to be able to work through the important things but also allow both parties to feel that they had a voice and worked together for the end goal.

I feel fortunate that I did use collaborative law because the relationship I have with my son’s mother has developed to a healthy level.  I don’t envision a burgeoning friendship with her but we are both partner’s in our son’s lives and he needs to see that solid relationship so that he can develop properly in his life and understand that a split family doesn’t always have to be a negative thing.

Client Who Used The Collaborative Law Process in their Divorce with Stephanie L. Dobson:

The collaborative process worked wonderful for myself and my ex. We pretty well had things worked out with our daughter before meeting with our lawyers which really helped the process. Which our lawyers really admired. My ex and I have no hard feelings between us we just had a hard time starting to talk about the division of property and finances. Which is why I wanted to give the collaborative process a try and it was very successful.

I would do this process again in a heartbeat but hopefully I will never have too.