Parenting Plans

Make a plan to protect the best interests of your most precious valuables – your children.

When you have children with someone from whom you are separating or divorcing, there are many things you will need to consider before you and your former partner go your separate ways.  You will need to develop an effective parenting plan to formalize how you and the other parent will raise your child/ren in the future.

Creating a Parenting Plan

Parenting plans can be varied in their level of detail which needs to be included.  The Parenting After Separation Seminar focuses on assisting participants to create a parenting plan in the course.  Click here for the parenting plan workbook provided in the course.  The more that you, individually or with the other parent, consider the topics raised in the workbook, the more prepared you will be as you negotiate through your matter with your lawyer’s assistance.

Some of the major items which you will need to include in your parenting plan are: decision-making responsibilities (custody), parenting schedule, holiday parenting schedule, travel, introduction of new partners, ability of one parent to move away with the kids, education, health, and religious decisions.

Designing a customized plan

Your lawyer can help you and your spouse to work together to arrive at at a co-parenting plan which is customized with sufficient detail and flexibility to meet your family’s dynamics.  Your lawyer will assist you to reduce the emotional and financial toll that separation can have on both parties and on the children.  This can be achieved when both parties agree to come to the table to resolve their matter by working together rather than against each other.  Our lawyers’ goal for each client is that they are able to effectively manage their emotions, reduce unnecessary delays, and have the family realize a positive transition into their post-separation lives working together to find mutually acceptable solutions.

The Next Step – Getting Started

In order to get started, you will need to complete our Consultation Guide.  Please bring this to your consultation as complete as possible.  The more information you provide to your lawyer, the more complete advice we will be able to provide at an early stage.  If you feel that certain portions of the questionnaire do not apply to you, or you have trouble completing certain sections, you may leave them blank.  On the final page of the questionnaire there is a checklist of items that may be required in order to advise you; please start to gather these documents and bring as many of them to your consultation as possible.

At your consultation your lawyer will talk to you about any further information or documentation that will be required.  As well, your consultation is designed to allow your lawyer to understand your situation further, and to ensure you understand your rights, obligations, and process choice options.  At the conclusion of your consultation you will have the option of how and when you proceed.  Some clients are ready to proceed immediately, and some need some time to think about their options and how they want to proceed, and some want the opportunity to speak with their former partner about the various options.  You decide the timing.  You and your lawyer will create an easily digestable action plan for the next step in your matter.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation.