Communication Plan

Communication breeds understanding.

If you and your former partner have any children together, there are many things you will need to consider before you go your separate ways.  You will have to create a parenting plan to formalize how you and the other parent will raise your child/ren in the future.  Many parents find it easy to communicate with each other post-separation; others find it more difficult.  Within your parenting plan, you may find it to be helpful to outline in writing how you and the other parent will communicate.  The more conflict that you have, the more important it may become to set out these expectations in writing.

A communication plan may consist of some of the following topics.  Do you want to hear from the other parent by a certain means – just text me, or why don’t you just pick up the phone, or let’s use a parenting app to communicate. What do you want to hear from the other parent about during their parenting time? Do you expect to hear if they got in trouble at school, or if they have a cold, or just if there’s blood and guts?  Make a plan to reduce the frustrations you experience. it’s about setting the expectations and following through.

Work together towards a common understanding

Our lawyers assist clients to work together rather than against each other to create their parenting plan, including therein a communication plan or not.   It matters not whether the plan is in writing, it matters more that the parties are able to effectively communicate.  Guaranteed that if you and the other parent are able to have good communication into the future, you will have less stress and your child/ren will be more resilient to your separation.  If you cannot communicate, your children will learn very quickly that they can more easily pull the wool over your eyes.

The Next Step – Getting Started

In order to get started, you will need to complete our Consultation Guide.  Please bring this to your consultation as complete as possible.  The more information you provide to your lawyer, the more complete advice we will be able to provide at an early stage.  If you feel that certain portions of the questionnaire do not apply to you, or you have trouble completing certain sections, you may leave them blank.  On the final page of the questionnaire there is a checklist of items that may be required in order to advise you; please start to gather these documents and bring as many of them to your consultation as possible.

At your consultation your lawyer will talk to you about any further information or documentation that will be required.  As well, your consultation is designed to allow your lawyer to understand your situation further, and to ensure you understand your rights, obligations, and process choice options.  At the conclusion of your consultation you will have the option of how and when you proceed.  Some clients are ready to proceed immediately, and some need some time to think about their options and how they want to proceed, and some want the opportunity to speak with their former partner about the various options.  You decide the timing.  You and your lawyer will create an easily digestable action plan for the next step in your matter.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation.