Family / Divorce Resources


Process Options: Knowing your options for how to arrive at resolution when you separate or divorce can be challenging.  Please review this guide to provide some clarity.


Child Support Guidelines Online Lookup: This online lookup from the Department of Justice can be helpful for parents to calculate how much child support is payable in their case.

SPLIT: The Movie – a video clip: This is a clip from an excellent documentary which reminds us that even when we think our children are “handling” the divorce fine, there may be feelings inside that are being masked and that need to be resolved so that kids can get back to being kids again.

Sesame Street Workshop – clip from AFCC website: These are must-see clips for many age groups from toddlers to teens.  Sesame Street Workshop has done a great job of educating children about divorce.  Your lawyer has a free kit available to you at your consultation.

Parenting Plan Workbook: this workbook is what you will receive at the Parenting After Separation Seminar.  The more that you alone, or you and the other parent, are able to work through this workbook prior to getting your process started, the more efficient and effective the process may be for you.  The general rule is that we encourage you to have conversations with the other parent without professionals assistance as long as the conversation is productive and forward-moving.

Guide for Shared Parenting: when creating a parenting plan, it is important to consider your children’s ages and their specific age-related needs.  This document is a great resource for parents who wish to make an age appropriate parenting plan.

Developmental Stages and Divorce: this chart may be helpful for parents to assess, age by age, how their children are coping with their separation and divorce.  It is important for parents to look at the signs that their children may be in need of assistance.

Government Forms

Parenting After Separation E-Seminar: This course is a free 3-4 hour mandatory course for divorcing Alberta & Saskatchewan parents who have children under the age of 16.  In larger centres in Alberta and Saskatchewan, this course is available in-person, but in the Lloydminster area, it is currently only available as an e-course through Alberta Justice.  This e-course is approved by both Alberta and Saskatchewan Courts.

Marital Status Change Form: this document is important to be filed with Canada Revenue Agency after you have been separated for 90 days in order that they will be able to re-calculate the eligibility of the parent who has primary care of the children for government benefits and credits.  As a separated individual, the government will calculate your family income based on your income alone rather than on your combined income, likely causing you to be eligible for government dollars you were not eligible for as an intact family.

Canada Pension Plan Credit Split Information and Application Form: this document outlines your eligibility for splitting your CPP credits accumulated during your cohabitation with the other party, and it contains an application form for you to cause the credits to be split.  Talk to your lawyer about whether you are entitled to split these credits.


Personal Budget: Creating a personal budget can be a very important part of ensuring your financial security after separation and divorce.  Click here for the Excel version to have the program auto-calculate for you; send this to your lawyer by email or bring it to your consultation.  Click here for the PDF printable version that you can complete and bring in to your lawyer.

Spousal Support: completing this questionnaire will be of assistance to your lawyer to provide you advice regarding your entitlement to receive or your obligation to receive spousal support.  Complete this as well as the budget above to provide the most complete information.

Litigation (Court) Resources

Client Guide to Questioning: Going through the Questioning process can be stressful.  Click Here to review our Guide in preparation for this event.  The more you understand about the process, the more relaxed and prepared you will be to respond appropriately.

Glossary of Family Law Terms: This resource can be of assistance to help you understand the common terms that are used in the family law and divorce context.

Guide to Production of Documents: When your lawyer asks you to provide disclosure, read this Guide to assist you with this sometimes complex and time consuming task.