Post-Divorce Checklist

After a long process of separation, there are many loose ends that you should ensure that you tie up before finally drawing the line in the sand and moving forward.  Here is a checklist that you might find helpful.

  • ?      Change beneficiary designations on insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc.
  • ?      Create a file to keep your divorce documents in a safe spot for future reference (e.g. Separation Agreement, Divorce Judgment, Divorce Certificate)
  • ?      Review your Property Division Agreement to ensure that all loose ends have been tied up (e.g. transfer of RRSPs, settlement payment made in full, vehicle registration transfers completed, division of pension, etc.)
  • ?      Close joint accounts, especially those with overdraft capabilities
  • ?      Return supplemental credit cards to your ex
  • ?      Apply for division of CPP credits if you have not waived your right to do so in your Property Agreement
  • ?      Ensure mailing address is correct
  • ?      Update your will

Remember, each situation is different, and your Separation Agreement and/or Court Order may state that some or all of the above checklist is inappropriate for you to complete.  Check with your lawyer if you are unsure of whether you may follow this checklist.

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