Life beyond legal problems:
We help you get there.

Legal matters may be a fact of life or a part of business, but that does not mean they are any less unsettling. Your choice of a lawyer can make a difference in how successfully you put legal issues behind you. Our lawyers are committed to reaching resolution in ways that do not add to the costs or contribute to the hostilities. Whatever your concern, we can help you move beyond legal uncertainties to get on with life and work.

Stephanie Dobson

Understanding that strong emotions are involved, Stephanie Dobson helps clients view separation and divorce in perspective to move through the process more smoothly. By shifting emphasis to the future, she assists clients in defusing conflict, working through issues in a less volatile way, and achieving resolution sooner.  Read More…

Chantelle Lefebvre

Knowing divorce and separation is probably the most difficult time in a person’s life, Chantelle Lefebvre understands what’s at stake and is a dependable source of common sense, sound advice and compassion. Read More…