Vancouver Family & Divorce Lawyer

Katherine works for people and their problems and is trying to bring humanity and compassion to family law issues.  Since the start of her articles in 2013, Katherine focused on family law finding reasonable solutions for family law clients.  As every family is diverse and different, Katherine deals with each client with equal parts care and logic to strategize solutions that help you realize your goals.  Family law involves and impacts almost every aspect of a person’s life and Katherine, using her legal tools and experience, will work to transform your goals into positive legal outcomes.  

Katherine has extensive experience both in and out of the Court room and while she views Court to be a last resort option for clients, she is a fierce and zealous advocate who will work tirelessly on your case using every option and resource she has available.  When she attends Court, Katherine uses her positive assertive and fearlessness nature to never waver and forge forward for her clients against all odds in trials and litigation. 

With a keen interest in out of court resolutions, Katherine is also a LSBC designated mediator and whether she is acting as mediator or lawyer, she is able to bring these skills with her throughout your matter.  As a mediator, she works to ensure that a sustainable agreement is tailor made for your situation and assists in facilitating not only an agreement for parties, but also throughout the process assist clients to better work with each other for a positive path forward.

Katherine has substantial experience in dispute resolution and many her cases have been successfully concluded by way of negotiation thus avoiding costly and lengthy trials by practicing with a collaborative approach to negotiation and settlement discussions.  Using her unique insight from her experience working across practice areas and provinces, Katherine’s clients and their matters are often resolved by way of agreement.  Even if Court has already been initiated, she is often able to bring the parties back to the table and away from the Court room to come to a resolution.

Kate has a history of success representing clients in all matters relating to family law including the preparation of prenuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements, divorce, common law separation, property division, custody, access, contact, child and spousal support, grandparent issues, restraining/protection orders, and issues involving high conflict situations.  Katherine has taken continuing education to better deal with high conflict high pressure files, and is able to use this to lower the conflict between parties and shield her clients as best as possible from the negativity that family litigation can bring.

Katherine has appeared at all levels in Court in British Columbia and has practiced family law in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, so she is also able to assist clients with issues that are impacted by inter-jurisdictional issues like property across provinces.  Family law deals with every part of a person’s life; the things you think of like children and finances, but also the unexpected like corporations, criminal offences, and sometimes wills and estates.  Family law in a way, is every area of law.  Katherine also has experience in the following areas, so she can catch problems before they arise and identify efficient solutions: Civil Litigation, Corporate, Criminal, Wills & Estate planning and litigation, Personal Injury, and more.